Booking a Session

I hope you have checked out the galleries, learned a little bit about me, and maybe even know which location you would like to have your session at.  I am here to help you create the best session experience possible for your family.

First things first, what days are available to schedule your time with me?  As a Mom, a business owner, a wife, a friend, a care provider, and as a soul who needs downtime, things are changing a bit for the upcoming year. Keep on reading to see what that entails for getting your story in the books.

Going forward into 2019 I will no longer be scheduling sessions on Sundays.  This puts me in a pinch because I know that for a lot of families this is a day of togetherness and getting family items checked of the list.  However, for my family for the past seven(ish) years this has been a day of Mom working.  Because I am essentially my own boss – that’s not okay with me anymore.  My Sundays will be spent snuggling, reading, laughing, playing, exploring, and possibly even sleeping in.

Winter Hours (January through March) – Saturdays by appointment only

Spring Hours (March through May) – Friday evening | Saturdays by appointment only

Summer Hours (June – August) – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday by appointment only.

Fall Hours (September – December) – Friday, Saturday by appointment only

I will book sessions up to 2 months in advance but due to changing schedules and last minute family time I am unable to book dates later than that time frame.  Dates will be announced on my Facebook Page, as well as here on the website.  I will only book ONE session per scheduled session day so that I can place all of my focus on that time and that moment, and not worry so much about what’s next.  Sessions are booked when the retainer is paid in full, and dates are given on a first come first serve basis.

After the retainer is paid, if you are a new client I will send off our very special Welcome Guide via email which outlines the flow of the session, gives some styling tips, and also includes a Client Questionnaire which really helps me get to know a little bit about your family as well.

As a small business owner it is SO HARD to not respond to every message, phone call, and email right now but there are times when I need to be present for my family and friends.  So please understand if it takes me 24 hours to get back to your inquiry.  I so appreciate your patience.

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