Seniors + Teens

It’s these moments, right before they fly – that take your breath away.

Who are these junior adults that seconds ago were our babies?  They are getting ready to leave the nest and whether you want to capture their Senior Portraits or a milestone – because what age as a teenager isn’t a milestone?  I know with every birthday as my kids have gotten older they hit thirteen and it was WOW. 13. Teenager.  The next year comes around and all you can think about is how next year they will be driving how can they be 14! 15 is fun.  Fifteen is hard.  So close to gaining that bit of independence, but they still need you, and they don’t want you to know that.  Sixteen.  How is that possible?  16.  Perhaps a job, driving to school by themselves, running errands for you.  Who is this person and what have they done with my baby?  Don’t worry they will still argue with their siblings.  17. Maybe it’s Senior year, maybe it’s Junior year, but either way.. they are getting closer… they are seconds away from being adults.  Eighteen comes, and it’s here, everything you have taught them, the way you have raised them, the love you have given them, this is it.  This is the moment you’ve been preparing them for.  It’s now.

Celebrate them.  It’s not about their hair or make-up, it’s not about their car or how many sports they play.  It’s about them, and their story, their beginnings and some of the best times of their lives… help them remember all the good times.  Help them remember what it was to be 13, 15, or 18.  Help them love their now.