It’s not about creating the perfect moment, it’s about capturing the moments that are already perfect.   

I am inspired by life.  Authentic moments are my thing.  I am so not a cheese and smile for the camera kind of gal, those moments are in all honesty painful for me.  In fact I will tell you NOT to look at me as I guide you to let the session flow naturally.   Embrace the chaos that can be life.  Lift it up, celebrate it.  Love on it.  Most of all enjoy it – you’ve earned it – look at all you’ve accomplished!  I do provide prompts when needed so please don’t think I will leave you hanging and unsure of what to do.  Warning – nose snuggles ahead! Most importantly relax and know that together we will create images that tell your beautiful, unique, one of a kind story to the world.  No one else is you, and that is your superpower.