Location, Location, Location

The Studio – 2417 13th Street

As natural light photography is my first photography love, I will light a session only when needed, and with all these big beautiful windows, that works out pretty well.  Light and shadow play a big role in how I want your images to look + help achieve emotion in your gallery.

4,000 square feet of goodness
Sunset on 13th street

Rural Locations

I have a few secret spots tucked away just for us during your outdoor session.

One is a privately owned piece of land with beautiful grasses and trees next to a creek that lends itself to us for a short while in the Spring and is just a short drive from The Studio.

Another favorite sits nestled in city limits – it’s a great location for a beautiful sunset session, and although you are in town, it feels as if you are hidden away miles from anyone.

New for 2019 + Exclusively with Snaps + Sprouts – Equine Sessions at H&H Lessons and Trailriding

Have another location in mind?  Mileage is included for up to 30 miles for on location outdoor shoots.  Some of my favorite places to capture your moments, is in your own backyard.