Meet Jenny

Whew okay this is the amazing “about me” that I am always terrible at writing.  So where should I start?  Kids, it’s always easier to talk about my kids……  I have 3, that are definitely not so much “little” kids anymore.  One is a bona fide adult, one is in the middle of his teen years and our youngest is only a year and some months away from starting middle school.  This I can tell you with confidence, time flies.  It may not seem like it right now – but wow does it go by fast.  It seems that our oldest was just starting his high school career – he just turned 20.  The baby of the family, was just TWO seconds ago sitting in her high chair making a mess of dinner.  The middle, he sneaks right past us growing like a weed and doing all these things that I am not ready for as a Mom.  But there is this thing about time, no matter how much we want to pause it, hold onto it, heck even rewind it we just keep moving forward.  Which leads me to my why, why do I do this, why do I capture moments?  Because these captured moments are the only way to go back in time.  Memories can fade, but I know for myself, seeing a picture of me standing in the front yard of our house when I was 6, I don’t remember everything about that moment, but I remember how I rode my big wheels down the front steps until the wheel fell off, I remember the smell of the lilac bush, and I remember my mom hugging me. I remember so much with that little image in my hand to help those memories come to the surface.  That’s what it is all about.

I love shooting in natural light, it’s beautiful and amazing.  Shadows, grain, sunflare and perfectly imperfect seconds of your life forever etched in time with each image that is made.  The way your baby snuggles into you, the way they hold onto your hand or your hair.  The tween or teenager feeling for a moment safe in your arms, the feel of your significant others arms around you in a loving embrace.  These are the moments that I strive to capture for you.  I’ll be honest, I am not the photographer for you if all you are seeking is sitting pretty and saying cheese.  I want to capture so much more for you, the details of a cotton dress in a summer breeze, splashes in the lake on a hot June day, the curve of your newborn baby’s hand, your teenager as they cross the threshold to adulthood and embark on their very own story. Growing up, growing older, new stages and phases – it’s hard, but it’s beautiful, and it’s all right here waiting to be captured for you.

These are the days.



Other fun facts:

  1. I am a Harry Potter fan, and a geek in general.  Ask me about the Marvel Universe, Star Wars, and don’t forget to ask what House I’m in.
  2. I like big books and I cannot lie.  I could read 24/7 and be perfectly okay with that.  Our youngest is actually named after one of my all time favorite literary characters.
  3. Trying the keto life, but I reallllly love bread.
  4. I became a Mom at 20, had my 2nd at 25, and our youngest at 31.  I have been the young mom, the average age mom, and am now living through the “old mom” phase.
  5. I am an introvert who likes to talk.  A lot.