Bumps, Births + Newborns


Newborn sessions are something magical.  You’re just getting to know one another, you’re probably a little sleep deprived and yet have more energy than you’ve ever known possible.  Bringing a perfect being into this world lets out all kinds of emotions – and each and every single one of those emotions is completely normal.

Your newborn session can take place in The Studio or in your home.  It’s all up to you and what you are comfortable with.

In Home

No need to worry about arriving on time and packing up all the gear, I can take care of that for you as I come to create beautiful newborn images in the comfort of your own home.  Please do not stress about your home being ‘picture perfect’ we utilize one or two spaces to create stunning images of your new babe.  Participation is not required; we can focus on your little one entirely or have Mom and Dad (and siblings) join in.  Stay in your comfy pants, and leave the work to me. These sessions tend to move at a quicker pace as opposed to in studio – we flow through the routine of having a new baby at home and feedings, changes, and of course snuggles are all incorporated into these sessions.

The Studio

Beautiful natural light pouring through floor to ceiling windows.  We will utilize white space to create dreamy perfectly lit images of your new little one – all while being able to get out of the house and stretch your legs for a moment. These typically include what I like to call semi-posed images.  I’m not a fan of ‘created’ moments and do what I can to pull a relaxed lifestyle feel into these sessions with minimum use of props as I want to showcase the uniqueness of your little one – from their toes to their fingertips, each child is a perfect image waiting to happen.


Raw, emotional, and incredible.  Just a few words to describe what is truly indescribable.  Capturing new breath at the moment of their first cry, the emotion on your face, the tears in your eyes.  Seeing moments of utter strength as new life is brought into this world.  Welcoming little ones earth side is sincerely one of the most extraordinary moments to capture.  We work together to showcase only what you are comfortable with to give you images you will never forget and will be inspired to share.

  • All Birthing Sessions must be preapproved by your Doctor
  • C-Sections are a beautiful thing – don’t be afraid to ask if this is what you have planned.

That Baby Bump

Waiting on that little miracle is a perfect time to create images of you Mama.  Never again will you experience this moment with your child.  They are growing acquainted with the beat of your heart, your voice, and they know you are the one to whom their heart belongs.  I highly encourage you to take the time for yourself  to let YOU be the center of attention.  Your body is doing amazing things and you are a creator of life, honor and celebrate this moment and cherish it for always.  Bump sessions are best scheduled within the last few weeks before baby is to arrive, if you are feeling like you may want to experience your session earlier than that – that is perfectly ok.  This session is all about Mom and the miracle she carries.