What is Inspiration?


Inspiration can be found in so many places I am going to just go ahead and tell you the who’s instead of the whys. Well, okay probably a little of the why’s to explain the who’s.

{First} there is this lovely soul, who takes the time to answer questions from awestruck admirers, who shares an affection of vintage afghans in so many different colors and patterns, has a way of creating the most beautiful, honest, whimsical images ever.  Her name is Sarah, and she runs this little show called My Four Hens Photography.  Her words of truth, wisdom, faith, and flat out telling it like it is with no pretense or anything but her just being her, make me want to be a better person.  To show myself as I am, I don’t have a big house, I am not perfect, nor is my family.  Guess what? We don’t have to be! We are good being just who we are because how boring would the world be if we all lived in identical houses with the same lives?  So I just wanted to take this moment and say thank you to her, introduce those of you who may not know her, and hope that I can in some way, inspire others the way she continues to inspire me.

{Second} I am a part of an amazing group of photographers whom I am lucky enough to call my friends. You see they are my peers, my sounding board, and my pushers.  Now, don’t get the wrong idea, they push me to believe in myself, to try harder, to do and be my best.  They push me to see beyond a bad day, a bad moment, to the beauty that lies in everything we do, see, and touch.  They are my go-getters, my fellow dreamers and believers.  First and foremost; this group of women inspire me every. single. day.  Together we are growing as artists, mothers, friends, and I very much think of them as part of my family.   You will be hearing about them more as the year goes on, and I hope on so many levels, that there is someone picking up their camera, and that in all of this, we can inspire and encourage you as well.


Be sure and check out the amazing Karen Gomersal here and see who inspires her!



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