When Life Gives You Lemons…

You bake a lemon cake and practice your Freelensing skills! I have attempted this  approximately once before. It was sunset, in September, in the country, it was dusty. I was scared, {hello touchy little camera sensor!}, however it all worked out and I have been itching to get some more practice in ever since.

What is Freelensing you ask?


First, I spent so much time baking this lemon cake {from a box} and frosting it {pouring leftover royal icing onto it}and decorating it {a dusting of powdered sugar} I was so excited to photograph it!   Lemon is one of my favorite scents ever, do you use essential oils? Lemon in everything people, refreshing, cleansing, and it smells so good! As does Wild Orange, and don’t even get me started on Lavender, oooommmm the relaxatioooonnnn.

Where were we?  Okay so I knew I wanted to shoot the cake and I had this sprig of flowers from Hobby Lobby that I liked as well, so I paired them together on a black poster board and voila! Time to shoot.

While Freelensing you can create as much blur as you would like, play with your lens and check out the variety of coolness you can get.  Move it closer to the sensor, further away, tilt it, and remember to relax and enjoy the art you are creating.  My favorites are images such as the top right, just a small hint of that detail in the upper corner. That is the true beauty of art, painting a canvas or creating an image, love it or hate it, it’s in the eye of the beholder. I used my 50mm, it’s light, and it worked well, remember you will be holding your camera with one hand while simultaneously holding your lens with the other hand to find your focus plane.  I wouldn’t recommend anything to heavy.  Shoot when you’re happy with what you see.  Or go wild and shoot even if you’re not happy, because sometimes, the shots we fall in love with the most, are the ones we weren’t so sure about in camera.


Now about those lemons…






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