A little Valentine’s Day Fun

So a lot of January was spent both physically and mentally looking for inspiration, who am I what to I want out of this one crazy, beautiful life?  I know I blogged about the people who inspire me daily and  help me to strive to be more.  The physical things that inspire me, I didn’t talk much about those, so here is a little peek into my psyche.  I love vintage.  If you think it’s ugly, I am probably drooling.  There is a story about an olive green velvet couch. I saw this and needed it, my sister ever so kindly picked it up for me, (small car for me, couches do not fit, trust me I’ve tried), she saw it and thought it must be the wrong piece of furniture. She then called my mother and together they discussed the “atrocity” that was my couch. It’s one of my favorite pieces and I will never get rid of it, just goes to show, the ugly and different isn’t always for everyone. Perhaps the blame lays with my Granny, she always had the coolest stuff, and I couldn’t wait until I was older and could have cool stuff too.  No one told me that there was a reason you didn’t actually sit in the sitting room, lol! So came kids, and our youngest is getting old enough that I am slowllllyyyy adding a few of my favorite things to our daily living spaces.  So, therefore with my grandiose love affair with all things vintage continues, I happen to frequent a few second hand stores and one particular Antique store in our area.   Jean + Daryl at Colonial Antiques are an amazing couple and I it always makes me happy to stop in and chat with her every couple of weeks. This year I found myself giggling at the silliness of vintage Valentines Day cards such as this one..


It inspired me so much that I went down and visited Colonial Antiques and they ever so kindly let me snap away at some of their treasures, the end result is what I am happy to share with you today!

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Please feel free to love on them and share them with your special valentine today!  You can find the link here .

From my heart to yours,

Happy Valentines Day!


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