Right now…


Lying on my daughters bed soaking in the evening sun.  Her bedroom windows let in the most gorgeous light.  Windows are open as we enjoy this beautiful day.  Eavesdropping on a conversation between my husband and our youngest, involving words such as monkey butts and bird poo while they reminisce about yesterdays trip to the zoo.  Her voice. That tiny little voice that still has trouble pronouncing some things as kindergartners often do.  Enjoying the sounds of the neighborhood as it awakens to the untold adventures of the weekend ahead.  Summer is close, so close you can taste it.  It catches you off guard, a bat making contact with the ball. Screeches and yells of excited children  as they ride their bikes through the neighborhood. Radios playing loudly as cars pass by with their windows down.  A hose running to fill a pool for the oh so welcomed upcoming  hot summer days.  Yells for juice, and “Mom, how do you…” time is up.  A million + 1 things to do, right now.

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