This Life…

This afternoon and evening I spent some time with a friend.  With a lot of friends actually.  We were all celebrating with a pretty damn special lady,  Amanda.  A little bit about our Amanda,   she loves her children fiercely,   can always be found at the baseball fields going from one game to another, or to a gymnastics meet to support her tribe and root them on. She is that friend that is up for anything and everything and who you can stand and talk to for hours, but she never has hours because with four kiddos who have crazy activity schedules and her being that amazing (single/super) mom you are  always happy for a moment of her time  to chat and catch up as she zips from here or there.  Her kids, are amazing. They are loving and sweet, they are kind and respectful,  intelligent and full of hope for the future, and they adore their Mama.

Tonight was a true testament to that.  All of the people.  So many people, celebrating Amanda, her children, and her family.  I would love to see someone try not to smile around these guys.  They are the laughing, singing, supportive, loving and fun  family that everyone deserves to have in this life…

And this life… sometimes it throws one hell of a curve ball.

Just last month  Amanda was diagnosed with stage four small-cell carcinoma, a rapidly growing cancer in her left lung.  And still she smiles, and laughs, and lives, and hugs.  Her amazing kids are putting on baseball tournaments, selling bracelets, and loving on her.  The community has come together to show their support, there are very few here who don’t know and love this woman.  It was filled with music, memories, laughter, and of course tears.

And in all of this rambling I am doing… Amanda, I just want you to know, you are so loved.  You are BRAVE and so, so strong.  I have never had a conversation with you that didn’t end with laughter, and that still holds true.   We are all here to fight alongside you. Tonight was a testament to how many people you have praying and loving on you and yours.  Always.

Don’t stop believing. Ever.


Those amazing kids I was telling you about?  Check this out…




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