The Motherhood Project

It’s a big year for me and one that I am excited to share with you as we begin our journey into 2018.   This year, I turn 40.  I’m actually pretty excited about it! This year also marks a milestone for my oldest as he enters his twenties, and I’ve officially been a Mom for half of my life.

As with most things, motherhood is an absolute rollercoaster, it can take you on your highest high, and the lowest low.  While my babies are far from late night cries for feedings, and I haven’t had to change a diaper in years – the struggles of worrying late into the night, watching them learn brand new things, and in so many ways – taking their first steps hasn’t stopped.  Motherhood doesn’t stop when you send your little one off to their first day of pre-k, it doesn’t stop they drive off on their own at 5 a.m. on their 16th birthday – because they can, and it doesn’t stop when they are handed that diploma, and from what my own Mother tells me, it doesn’t stop when your daughter is turning 40 in 8 months.  The worry, wonder, and beauty of it all is a lifelong journey.  I am pretty sure “lifelong” isn’t even the correct word for it, it’s an all encompassing soul driven calling.  It carries beyond this lifetime, and more.

Moments of Motherhood

So this brings me to a little something that is a part of who I am, and that I have ridiculously high hopes for, The Motherhood Project.  It is my goal this year to celebrate as many Moments of Motherhood as I can, from new Moms, to Moms whose babies may be in their 60’s.  I want to love on the Moms-in-Waiting, who are anxiously anticipating  that second line, I want to celebrate the Moms who have chosen to adopt, the Step- Moms, the Grandmothers and Aunts, who have stepped into the role of Mom,  I want to honor the Moms who are no longer with us, and I want to celebrate the Dads who fulfill both titles.

You will hear so often, that 18 years is all we get… and that’s just not true.  You just don’t stop being a Mom, no matter how many years pass by.

I look forward to sharing more of this project, and more about my life as a Mom as we the project continues to grow and evolve and weaves it’s way into a beautiful new way to celebrate ourselves as kindred souls on this journey of Motherhood.

#TheMotherhoodProject #SnapsandSprouts


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