2019: Page 1

Today is the day that so many of us hold close with dreams and hopes of what the year will become. Where will we be and what will our story look like this time next year? Do we still make resolutions? Do we let it all go and live in the moment? Do we spend too much time planning and preparing and living with a vision in our head of what it’s SUPPOSED to look like? I know I do. I have. My “word” for 2019 is “Expectation-less” or some form of that. I constantly build myself up with visions of what SHOULD be or what is coming next, what should be coming next, blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. This year, I want to focus on what is, not what I expect it to be. When I was considering resolutions and what not, and the idea of just letting go……….. I’m not even kidding the weight that I felt lift from my shoulders was real.

Today a brand new day in a brand new year, I watched movies, I took a nap, I snuggled with my loves and I didn’t pick up my big camera once. It. felt. amazing. I’m not saying that I’m putting my big camera down, because HAHAHA right – I’m saying that sometimes I struggle so much with having the idea in my head of what THIS day, and every other day should look like, and it doesn’t have to. This is life, it’s not perfect, there are days where I just won’t pick up the big camera, and that is ok. Life is chaos, and that’s beautiful. So for my 2019 – My goal is to live expectation-lessly in the moment.

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