Valentine’s Day Treats


Do you remember those days in grade school when you were so excited to see who would give you the best Valentine?  If that boy/girl you were crushing on would give you a special valentine, and whether they did or didn’t, you spent hours holding that little card? Okay maybe that was only me. HAHA! For the kindergarten Valentines Day party this year I wanted to do things a little differently. There are quite a few students in my daughter’s class who have allergies or intolerance to certain foods and I always want to make sure that everyone can enjoy what she brings for treats or parties.  So we created these little heart necklaces, new sew, mostly hot glue and a bit of embroidery on some.  They were a lot of fun to make, and best of all, the kiddos (and teachers) loved them.  They had their party yesterday as they are out for PT conferences for the next couple of days. Wow, did it throw me off having it on Wednesday when Valentine’s day isn’t until Sunday. I may have been up past my bedtime Tuesday night finishing the last half of them up.  I would have taken more photos, but Mama needed sleep! Hope you all are having a great week, and stay tuned for some more Valentine’s Day fun and freebies in the next few days!



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  1. so great jenny _ADri


  2. Oh I love this idea! I bet my girl would enjoy making these too, thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. Stephanie says:

    Love this!! These photos are great. Love the quote, too.


    1. snaps2015 says:

      Awe thank you Stephanie!


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